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Did you know that footbikes are used for racing? It’s true! And it should be added that Czechs are among the best riders in the world. However, it takes a bit of a special machine to chase down your rivals in the racing field and the precious hundredths of a second on the timing machine. A light, elegant athlete, gracefully snaking through the flat passages of the race course without much resistance, turning into an untamed dragoness when entering the spurt in the breakaways and before crossing the finish line. With her rivals at her back, of course. This is the KOSTKA RACER PRO 28 – a footbike you can take to the races right out of the box.

Designed for the trained rider with ambitions to win, a racing footbike with narrow 28×28″ road wheels has to meet a few important criteria. We’ve tried to tune them to synergize with each other. The frame of this entire little work of art is both fitting and literal – a rigid yet lightweight frame with geometry adapted to a racing style of riding that can also absorb vibrations superbly. We use cutting-edge technology from the design and creation of the parametric computer model of the footbike to the complete production, so we can afford to work with even the finest nuances of design and workmanship. As a result, we’ve equipped the frame of the KOSTKA RACER PRO 28 with a 12mm fixed axle rear fork that provides even more rigidity than before, even in twist. At the front, the promised synergistic effect is completed by a semi-integrated tapered head assembly (larger lower bearing), which significantly enhances the stiffness of the connection between the footbike frame and the front lightweight carbon fork.

The lightweight wheels are made up of Kostka’s own hubs (KOSTKA HK 2010 RS) with low-friction Japanese industrial bearings, radial reinforcement with twenty Sapim straight wires, and Remerx Alcyon double-walled aluminium rims with turned braking surfaces. As standard, the wheels are shod in the proven Schwalbe One 25mm wide tyres, which allow inflation pressures of up to 10 bar. So rolling resistance certainly won’t be what’s holding you back at the races.

We also equip the top racing machine with top racing handlebars of our own production. We developed the KOSTKA FBH RACER ERGO handlebars in cooperation with leading Czech racers to provide several grip options for different riding styles, while also allowing you to work with the aerodynamics of the stance or “lay down” on the footbike at very fast speeds.

The Shimano 105 road brakes are controlled by aerodynamic time trial brake levers, and have bowdenes routed inside the footbike frame. It’s a minor detail, but it nicely completes the very sleek overall design of the KOSTKA RACER PRO 28 racing footbike.

We will adapt the footbike to your needs

To make you shine on the racing circuits, we will fit the footbike with your winning colour. Do you want a shorter stem, your favourite handlebars, a change in handlebar height or carbon wheels with Sapim CX Ray aerodynamic spokes? No problem, we can also fit the wheel hubs with the best bearings available on the market from Ceramic Speed, these bearings are used by race teams in the Tour de France.

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Hoogte: 940 mm
Lengte: 1800 mm
Gewicht: 7,7 kg
Laadvermogen: 150 kg
Voorwiel: 28 inch
Achterwiel: 24 inch
Hoogte voetplank: 35 mm
Lengte voetplank: 420 mm
Wielbasis: 1170 mm
Stuurbreedte: 500 mm
Remmen: Shimano 105
Naaf: KOSTKA HK 1020 RH/HK 6520 RH
Banden: Schwalbe Durano
Velgen: ALCYON dubbelwandig
Stuurpen: Force Teamlight 130
Stuur: KOSTKA FBH Racer Ergo
Voorvork: Road – Aluminium
Lagers (naaf): Hybric-ceramic
Balhoofd: A-Head
Stuurgrepen: Grip
Spaken: Roestvrij staal
Buis: Velo ventilek
Caps: Plastic